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Africa Quest Travel Agency is an independent specialist booking company based in Maun, with vast experience and knowledge of the bush and the African safari industry.

The company is 100% citizen owned.Africa Quest is headed by Brooks Kamanakao who has been in safari industry for over 20 years.

All itineraries are put together by Africa Quest personally to ensure that clients experience the ultimate and most memorable safari. The company’s motto is that every guest on a safari trip with Africa Quest Travel Agency will experience a unique and life-changing journey in one of Africa’s most beautiful and varied landscapes.

We provide the best tours and safaris in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda. 
Our itineraries are custom, flexible to meet each guest requirements. We work hand in hand to craft a tour plan which will meet our guest(s) budget and desires. 
When we say private tours, we mean a tour just for you and your party in a private safari vehicle and a private local tour guide. We have a team of highly skilled travel Consultants who will work hand in hand with you to plan a private tour or safari of your dreams
 Africa is all about who you know, we work with the top brands Safari Companies and get you the best rates ever which you will not be able to get on your own. 
We are flexible, we will listen to you and not impose you an itinerary. Our products are very family, intimate orientated. Skip the big buses tours and book your private tours with us. We create memories together. 

If you’ve traveled with us, you know our Private guides make the difference between a gratifying trip and a truly outstanding adventure. Simply put, our guides are the best in the business. Painstakingly recruited and selected, these highly trained professionals bring a set of traits that foster a superlative travel experience. They are passionate about the places they share, with an irrepressible enthusiasm that can’t help but inspire those who travel with them. As naturalists, biologists and environmental educators, their knowledge deeply enriches our guests’ experience, who view the natural world through their eyes. Our guides receive in-depth training plus exclusive resources from World Wildlife Fund’s team of scientists.

 They are chosen for their good nature as well as their good grades. Many of our guests are global travel veterans, sophisticated and independent—but they choose to go with us because of our Private Guide’s expertise. In the realm of nature travel, great guides set us apart.

Brooks Kamanakao

Not every guide can claim to have been born in the bush and now guide in it, but Brooks can. He grew up in the small village of Motopi, on the banks of the then-flowing Boteti River, one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta.

Belonging to the Bayei tribe (the people who introduced poled mokoro boats to the Okavango Delta), Brooks had a fascination with Botswana’s wild areas from a young age. Determined to pursue tourism as his vocation, he began his as a Camp assistant. His real interest was in the wilds of the bush, though, and he soon managed to move into the position of tracker, which he pursued for a year before passing his guide course in 2000.

Since then, Brooks has developed his bush knowledge and fine-tuned his guiding skills working at premier camps like Kings Pool and Mombo. Brooks’ combination of superlative bush knowledge, friendly hosting and special interests in astronomy, birding and the diverse cultures of Botswana, make him a very popular guide, often requested for private safaris.

Honest O. Siyawareva

Growing up, Honest spent much of his life in close proximity to nature. Upon entering the guiding profession, he had the good fortune to be mentored by both Benson and his uncle Foster, who was the first black professional hunter  in the country .In 2014, Honest qualified as a Professional Guide in Zimbabwe, the only person to pass the extremely onerous examinations that year.

Over the years, Honest has curved out a reputation in his own right working for Wilderness Safaris in Zimbabwe he has split his time between Linkwasha, Little Makololo camps in Hwange National Park and Rukomechi Camp in Mana Pools National Park. . It is a reflection of the high esteem in which he is held, that he was appointed to be a Professional Guide for the new Little Rukomechi camp when it opened in 2016. He is now leading trips with Explore / Ngoko safaris covering the Presidential trip, Southern African birding and Best of Botswana.

Honest has a warm and engaging personality with a great sense of humor and a ready smile, behind which one instinctively senses a quiet confidence and authority with a passion for wildlife and the bush, combined with a natural intuition for animal behaviour and most importantly having the ability to communicate his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge to guests.

C. Adams
"Brooks has got to be one of the finest guides in Africa, and we were privileged to have him. He is not only at the top of his profession, he is a truly remarkable human being and a very special person."
"Collectively, my family took over 3,000 photograph. While there are wonderful memories in those photos, there are two things that photos cannot capture—Brook's passion and persistence. Passion for Botswana and its culture; passion for his job and maintenance of high standards; passion for the bush and its preservation for future generations; and persistence in his relentless pursuit of wildlife. His skills as a tracker and his acute sight and hearing continually amazed us and resulted in encounters with wildlife that exceed expectations every day."
T. Hall
"There cannot possibly be a better guide anywhere than Brooks. He always put our safety first. His knowledge of everything was superior and beyond our expectations. His language skills and ability to communicate were superb. He showed us photos from books to be sure we knew what animals or birds looked like and as we saw things, we all knew them on sight! He was always extremely helpful and had a good sense of humor. We cannot say enough about Brooks—the person and the guide! What an asset he is to Nat Hab."
A. Quick
"Several people along the way told us how lucky we were to have Brooks as our guide and we learned quickly how true that was. His ability to manage people, his excellent knowledge, his enthusiasm, his willingness to go out of his way to help with any issues guests were having and his sense of humor were all wonderful. If I were to return to Botswana, I would definitely want to have him as a guide again! I have always been impressed with the quality of guides Nat Hab uses, and Brooks ranks right up there at the top!"
M. O'Hare
"I can't say enough good things about Brooks. This was my first safari. I was traveling alone and did not know the other guests. However, they were experienced and knew each other. Brooks went above and beyond to insure that I was included. He spent considerable time and effort making sure I saw the animals and that everything was okay. His knowledge and skills in tracking are exceptional. His passion for his job is evident, and he is extremely good at it. Brooks is a great asset to your organization."
L. MacPherson
"We were so happy with Brooks as our Expedition Leader! He was so knowledgeable in all areas and very professional, but with a sense of humor and a great laugh! My kids were very sad to leave, especially my son. Brooks was great with the kids, joking with them and teaching them new games. If he ever decides to lead any other expeditions in Africa, we would seek him out as our guide."
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